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Showcased Magazine


About Showcased

The whole purpose of Showcased Magazine is to give local artists, musicians and writers a place to get their work seen and or heard. Were also an open forum for your thoughts and ideas. Feel free to criticize or praise anything you see. We're actually counting on your thoughts and ideas so we know how to improve.

Expect to see a limited number of printed copies each time an issue is published. Hopefully, in time, Showcased will have the money to print thousands upon thousands of printed copies, but until then, there will be an online version for each issue. The online versions can be found right here at, the "official" website.

Expect to see articles about local musicians, where to find their music and when to see them live. Expect to see artwork by local artists. The kind of artwork is really up to you. Showcased staff doesn't pick the kind of art we print. All articles and poetry are original and written by local authors, so learn to expect that.

Cleveland has Scene and The Free Times, which are great magazines, but they don't focus on Kent and Akron's booming creative community. Kent and Akron both have great newspapers with entertainment sections, but they don't focus on art. Showcased does. We want Showcased to be a unique outlet for Akron and Kent's creative sides.