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page 2 (about)
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No. But now that youve actually opened this quasi-magazine, youre probably wondering, What the hell is this? Well, the whole purpose of Showcased Magazine is to give local artists, musicians and writers a place to get their work seen and or heard. Were also an open forum for your thoughts and ideas. Feel free to criticize or praise any piece of work printed. This is our first issue, so we dont have much and were not going to reach many people this time around. This is where you come in. Youve obviously opened it and proceeded to read- thanks! (Oh, and tell all your friends.) Were counting on you to tell us what you think, so hopefully next issue well know how to improveand how to reach more people. We also want you to tell us how we suck, what youd like to see printed, and to send us your stuff. We dont want Showcased to be unaccessible; please, suggest anything, and tell us if you love or hate this idea. For now, email anything and everything to If you dont have access to a computer, kidnap someone who does. =).

What to expect
Expect to see a limited number of printed copies each issue, because were poor. Hopefully, Showcased will become well known in time and well be able to afford to print all of our copies. (If you would like to financially support Showcased, we wont say no!) But untill then, well have an online version for each printed issue. Our temporary website is Its not a very good website, becase neither of us have learned or found anyone who really knows how to build them (Any takers?). Patience, gentle reader, patience...Wed like to have some sort of interactive website where you guys can check back for different silly things and different opinion questions we plan to print later. Wed like to hear all your responses- the good, bad, ugly and wierd alike.
Expect to see stories about musicians and artists, poetry, short stories, unique artwork, stuff you suggest and almost anything else that makes it into our files. But dont expect to pay outrageous newsrack prices for each issue. We want to keep it free for our readers. (Unless you feel the uncontrollable need to special order a bunch of copies when we dont have any printed ones left and the online version isnt good enough for you. Well deal with that later though.)

Printed copies can be found each issue wherever you picked this one up at. For now, our website is Were in the process of building an official site. Untill then, all info regarding Showcased can be found at that website.

Cleveland has Scene and The Free Times, which are great magazines, but they dont cover Kent all that much. Theyre too busy with Cleveland to care about Kents booming creative community. Then you say, But Kent has a paper, too! Yes, it does. The Daily Kent Stater is a great newspaper; it doesnt focus on art. Showcased does. This is for local artists of all sorts. We want this to be a unique outlet for Kents creative side. Theres plenty of talented people out there waiting to be discovered. Wed like to help with that. We also want this to be a good place to find out about new bands, read some interesting writing, and look at some neat artwork.
Have fun! -Kay & Robb (Editors)

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